There’s no denying the fact that trends change from year to year when it comes to home remodeling. Trying to develop a modern look inside your home all starts with understanding the latest trends. Fortunately for you, we’re going to share some of the most popular interior remodeling trends for 2024 so that you can decide how to upgrade your home this year.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is one of the biggest drivers behind the need for home renovation. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how they impact the planet and their wallets. Investing in energy-efficient appliances and lighting is a must. Additionally, water-saving fixtures, like low-flow toilets, are gaining a lot of traction on the home renovation front. Homeowners want to invest their money in remodeling features that will work to save them money over time.

Smart Technology Integration

With the abundance of smart technology, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming a must for renovating homeowners. From items like smart thermostats and smart security systems to intelligent lighting and interconnected devices, smart is the keyword of any great renovation in 2024. Smart technology is a way for homeowners to enjoy more control over how they live and how much energy they use throughout the year.

Multi-Functional Spaces

While homeowners are finding it challenging to expand their footprint due to affordability, many are looking to simply maximize the amount of space that they currently have. Multi-functional spaces are becoming a new must-have in 2024. Open floor plans coupled with flexible room designs allow for easy transformations. A popular multi-functional space is a home office that transforms into a guest room. Homeowners are looking for multi-functional furniture and other design features that allow them to seamlessly switch a room’s function.

Natural Design Integration

So many homeowners have asked for natural elements to be incorporated into their home remodeling projects that designers have come up with a term to describe it. Known formally as biophilic design, this philosophy works to integrate organic matter, natural light, and plants into a home’s overall design. This works to boost aesthetics while maximizing the homeowner’s mental health and overall well-being. That connection with nature is a primitive desire that you’ll always find in current design trends.

Kitchen Boldness

It’s always been said that a kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where family comes together to share and nourish. This year, kitchen boldness has become a must-have trend. From statement backsplashes to unique countertop materials, homeowners are customizing their kitchens to create their own unique style. High-end appliances, creative storage solutions, and bold colors are all being utilized to create these masterful home kitchens.

Luxurious Bathroom Getaways

With the cost of vacationing skyrocketing, many homeowners are looking to turn their spaces into luxurious getaways. More specifically, the ultimate room for relaxation, the bathroom, is becoming the getaway capital of the home. Homeowners are looking to incorporate spa-like features, like high-end shower tiles, freestanding tubs, and premium metal finishes. Smart mirrors and lighting are becoming absolute musts, along with voice-activated assistants for that ultimate touch of high-class luxury.

Statement Ceilings

Ceilings are no longer just hidden walls. They’re being treated as a much-loved fifth wall canvas for homeowners to express their style. Bold colors, textures, and patterns are creating eye-catching accents that bring a sense of sophistication to any room. Popular options include raw wood beams, coffered designs, and intricate ambient lighting. There’s just something about adding focal points to the ceiling that make a room feel like it’s got more secrets to unleash.


As both mental and physical well-being are becoming a more important aspect of care for homeowners, they’re asking for more wellness-centric design elements. From adding multi-functional meditation spaces to more spa-like bathroom features, taking the time for home healing is something every designer will need to take into consideration in 2024.

More Texture

When we say more texture, we mean a lot of it. Homeowners want their homes to be their overindulging cocoons of comfort. Adding texture is one of the best ways to create that much-needed cozy retreat. From fabric to leather furniture to sheer curtains and wood paneling, texture can create dimension for any room of the home. Getting the right combination of comfort and texture without adding unnecessary busyness to a room is a key challenge for interior designers in 2024.

Layered Lighting

As lighting options become even more readily available, the concept of layered lighting will become a popular trend in 2024. Instead of one fixed light in each room, homeowners are now looking for various layers of lighting to illuminate their different activities. Homeowners want more than just ambient lighting for each room. They want task lighting so they can use their multi-functional spaces and accent lighting to help provide an added light source for traditionally shaded areas like under cabinets.

Tranquil Blues

In 2024, blue is going to reign supreme in the home design marketplace. This cool and calming color is making its way onto walls, furniture, wallpaper, and everywhere else. Blue is one of those palette colors that can effortlessly integrate with a variety of other design features. It isn’t any wonder why homeowners are looking to transform their homes into a calm oasis.

Metallic Accents

Metal has made its way into the home for a variety of features, from appliances to bathroom door trim. In 2024, you can expect metal to continue to make its integration into the average home. Its unique finishes, coupled with its timeless beauty, make it a must-have for any homeowner. Expect it to pop up sparingly throughout home rooms to create a slightly industrial yet modern feel.

Splashy Tiles

Gone are the days of bright, white subway tiles. In 2024, homeowners are looking for uniqueness with splashy tile design throughout the whole house. From statement kitchen tiles to intricate spa-like designs for bathrooms, consumers prefer the boldness that tiles can bring. Whether it be a solid earthy tone defining a flat tile or a mosaic blend of sophistication in the kitchen, splashy tilework can change the atmospheric tone of any room in your home.

Earthy Palette Hue

You can’t have an interior design list without colors. For 2024, the most popular choices are earthy and neutral palette tones. Muted greens, warm greys, and earthy browns are creating a timeless and calm atmosphere for homes across the nation. These neutral, earthy tones allow homeowners to choose key design decor to alter the final look of any room. This offers easy transformation from season to season without the need for any intensive repainting.

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