Even though it’s been around since the 1970s, fiber cement siding is still turning heads and exceeding expectations. Capable of emulating the look of real wood in ways that vinyl and aluminum siding cannot, fiber cement siding is also incredibly durable. It offers the perfect blend of form, function, and value. Read on to discover 10 outstanding benefits of installing fiber cement siding on your Shingle Springs, CA home.

1. Fiber Cement Siding Is Both Heat and Fire Resistant

Pushing your barbecue grill or meat smoker too close to the side of your home will cause vinyl siding to melt. With vinyl, even a second of slight carelessness can cause irreparable siding damage. Once compromised, melted surfaces create openings for moisture, pests, and more. Comparatively, fiber cement siding has components that are one-hour, fire-rated. It’s both heat-resistant and fire-resistant.

Not only do these attributes make fiber cement siding a great choice for homeowners with outdoor kitchens or heat-generating appliances that sit flush with buildings, but they also make it perfect for fire-prone areas. Although this siding won’t stop a wildfire, it will make the building far less incendiary than one that’s covered in untreated cedar. Real wood options like cedar act just like kindling when flames are near.

Fiber cement also wears well in the ongoing temperature fluctuations that occur throughout the year. Whether subjected to long periods of freezing cold or months of hot weather and high humidity, this siding is unlikely to crack or buckle.

2. Fiber Cement Won’t Attract or Feed Termites

Termites are among several highly problematic pests that naturally thrive within the local environment. Although you might like the look of real wood shingles, you certainly don’t want to add termite food to the exterior of your home. Property owners that are most successful in avoiding termite infestations make diligent efforts to eliminate features that might draw these insects closer to buildings.

Fiber cement siding isn’t fodder for these pests. By choosing this material, you can sidestep the stress, hassle, and excessive spending of having swarming termite colonies target your house. It is the only siding choice that seamlessly fuses the fire, rot, and termite-resistance of masonry with the natural beauty of wood.

3. No Warping, or Bowing

The reinforced fibers of fiber cement siding are comprised of Portland cement, cellulose fiber, sand, and water. This makes this siding highly resistant to moisture damage. In fact, some options in fiber cement siding are completely waterproof. With products like these, you won’t have to worry about your siding warping or bowing over time.

This siding’s high level of moisture resistance also makes it unlikely to experience the problems with carpenter bees and carpenter ants that are common among other siding types. Even after two full decades of service, fiber cement siding often maintains a fresh, wood-like appearance and all of its initial integrity. This is why fiber cement siding manufacturers can confidently back their products with long-lasting warranties.

4. Sidestep Problems With Mold

Being nearly impervious moisture damage also makes fiber cement siding far less prone to mildew and mold. This means having a higher quality of air both in and around your home and the ability to throw your windows and doors open wide without worrying about what you’re breathing in. Unlike aging wood siding that can develop large faded or dark patches, soft spots, and damp, funky spells, these siding types remain virtually untouched by vast amounts of rain and high levels of outdoor humidity.

5. Warranties That Last Up to 50 Years

Real wood siding has an expected lifespan of 15 to 40 years based upon the type of wood used, the local climate, maintenance received, and other factors. Comparatively, fiber cement siding is expected to last up to 50 years. Most fiber cement manufacturers issue warranties that span between three and five decades. Thus, if something does go wrong, you’re unlikely to pay out-of-pocket to have it resolved.

6. Fiber Cement Siding Works Well on Historic Homes Too

If you’re curious to know just how well fiber siding emulates the look and texture of real wood, consider that it’s approved for use on historic homes in an increasing number of areas. If you own an older, historic property in Shingle Springs, you already know how difficult it is to get approvals for material changes even when these changes are both practical and cost-effective.

Fiber cement siding so closely emulates the appearance of wood and other siding materials that it earned the approval of historic societies in several high-end New York neighborhoods in the early 2000s. Throughout the years, other historical societies have jumped on board with this popular siding choice. The ability to use this material in historic home renovations has made it both cheaper and easier for property owners to achieve aesthetically beautiful and lasting results.

7. Fiber Cement Siding Is Impact Resistant

Vinyl and aluminum siding don’t hold up well to heat, and they’re also prone to sustaining serious impact-related damage from a number of common events. For instance, imagine having brand new siding installed and then having one of your kids carelessly toss a bike against an exterior wall. Everything from falling branches and errant hammer strikes can leave the sides of buildings looking dented, crumpled or even crushed. Unfortunately, accidents like these happen all of the time, especially in busy, bustling households. The good news is that fiber cement siding can sustain plenty of hard impacts without losing any of its curbside appeal or integrity.

8. It’s Easy to Personalize and Can Be Cut and Styled Multiple Ways

Among the greatest benefits of fiber cement siding is its high level of versatility. Although it’s often chosen as a convincing and more durable alternative to real wood, it also expertly mimics the appearance of stucco. You can order fiber cement siding in multiple shapes and styles, and can choose from a vast range of paint colors. No matter what your design goals may be, this is the perfect siding choice for meeting them.

9. Enjoy Minimal Siding Maintenance

Fiber cement siding doesn’t need pressure washed or stained. In fact, you can simply hose this siding down as needed. With normal water pressure and a garden hose, you can quickly rinse off built-up dust and other debris.

10. Fiber Cement Siding Is Comprised of Sustainable Materials

For consumers who are worried about the environmental impact of their siding projects, fiber cement siding is the ideal choice. Comprised of sustainable materials like sand and recycled wood, these products don’t use any non-renewable resources at all. Fiber cement siding also allows builders to use fewer materials on larger developments due to its high levels of versatility.

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