If your home’s exterior is looking worn out or dull, vinyl siding can breathe new life into its appearance. With vinyl’s durability, energy efficiency, low-maintenance nature, and abundant customization choices, it’s become a go-to pick for home remodeling projects.

For homeowners in Shingle Springs, CA seeking siding installation or replacement, Taylor Made Construction has been the trusted choice for years. Our team takes the time to evaluate each unique home and suggest ideal vinyl products to achieve the aesthetic you want along with the performance you require. We handle the entire installation from start to finish, transforming your exterior with beautiful, enduring vinyl siding. As we run through vinyl siding’s many advantages, remember that Taylor Made Construction has the know-how to provide these benefits to your home through a seamless installation process.


One major vinyl siding benefit is its incredible durability, allowing it to withstand whatever weather comes its way. From relentless sunlight to gusty winds and drenching rain to heavy snow, vinyl siding holds up remarkably well compared to other exterior options.

The vinyl material itself resists fading, maintaining its vibrancy and color over the years despite sun exposure. It shrugs off dents from hail or other impacts much better than more fragile choices like stucco. Vinyl also doesn’t crack, peel, or succumb to moisture damage over time like wood siding sometimes does when exposed to the elements. It also maintains its integrity through temperature swings that can deform other materials.

This unmatched durability means your vinyl siding will continue looking fresh and undamaged for decades after installation. Unlike real wood or painted surfaces, it won’t need frequent repairs, touch-ups, or full replacements to keep its pristine appearance. Just an occasional rinse with the garden hose removes dust and dirt from vinyl siding.

If enduring good looks despite weather extremes matters for your home’s siding, vinyl is hard to beat. Its ability to stand up to the elements while retaining its flawless appearance is second to none.

Saves on Energy Bills

Along with durability, vinyl siding is also energy efficient, helping insulate your home and lower costs year-round. In summer, vinyl siding’s reflective properties deflect heat from the sun, keeping your home cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning. During winter, the insulation provided by vinyl siding improves your home’s ability to retain heated indoor air, translating to heating bill savings.

Properly installed vinyl siding also provides excellent air sealing for your home by reducing gaps and drafts for better energy performance. Unlike wood, vinyl won’t absorb moisture, so it delivers reliable insulation and air sealing that lasts. Choosing vinyl siding is a great way to shrink your environmental impact while saving on utility bills.

Boosts Curb Appeal

In addition to being durable and energy efficient, vinyl siding also supplies excellent aesthetic appeal to homes. Vinyl provides a beautiful, consistent look that can take years off the appearance of an aging exterior.

Vinyl siding is available in styles from traditional clapboard to Dutch lap, vertical board-and-batten, and more. This range allows homeowners to select a look suited to their home’s style. Vinyl comes in over 40 colors, from natural wood grains to cool neutrals and bold hues. This extensive palette lets homeowners complement existing colors or go a completely new route.

Unlike real wood siding, vinyl won’t suffer from fading, peeling paint, splintering, or other defects from weathering. Your vinyl siding will maintain its welcoming, pristine curb appeal year after year. Improving your home’s aesthetic can increase its perceived value and appeal to potential buyers if you choose to sell.

Customization Galore

Another vinyl siding advantage is the high degree of customization it offers. Along with abundant color and style options, vinyl enables mixing and matching. Combining various colors and siding profiles on different exterior sections allows true personalization.

Accent features like shakes, scallops, vertical boards, and decorative trim in contrasting colors can be added. This flexibility makes achieving a unique look reflecting your taste and home’s architecture easy. Vinyl is also ideal for fashioning striking designer elements like gables, dormers, and other distinctive touches.

Beyond aesthetics, vinyl siding can be shaped and formed to fit your home’s specific needs. Non-standard applications like covering curved walls or making custom trim are easier with vinyl’s pliable nature versus other rigid siding materials. Homeowners seeking to personalize their home’s exterior will appreciate vinyl siding’s possibilities.

Low-Effort Upkeep

One of vinyl siding’s biggest advantages is requiring very little maintenance compared to other siding choices. Vinyl never needs painting, staining, or sealing like real wood siding. It won’t crack, peel, or chip like painted surfaces sometimes do. Vinyl resists mold, mildew, and rot that can plague wood. It also never requires recaulking or resealing. After installation, vinyl siding is practically maintenance-free for decades.


Vinyl siding provides an excellent return on investment for homeowners. While vinyl siding may cost more upfront than materials like wood or stucco, it pays back its price premium many times over with dramatically lower lifetime maintenance expenses.

Vinyl siding’s durability and longevity means replacement or major repairs won’t be necessary for years. The energy efficiency vinyl provides directly saves money on monthly heating and cooling bills. The minimal upkeep needs reduce maintenance costs to practically zero.

Vinyl siding increases your home’s value while requiring little ongoing care, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful exterior with peace of mind. Considering total lifetime costs, vinyl siding delivers outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Fast, Simple Installation

Another advantage of vinyl siding is how quickly and easily it installs compared to other siding choices. Professional vinyl siding installers can cover your entire home’s exterior in as little as one to two days. Other siding materials like stucco or brick take far more time and labor to install.

Vinyl siding installation is also simpler, with fewer steps involved. Vinyl siding mounts right on top of existing siding or sheathing if fully replacing the siding. Special adhesives attach the vinyl directly over old siding, eliminating the need to completely strip the previous exterior. Vinyl’s lightweight, modular panels make installation a breeze compared to heavy materials like concrete or stucco.

With vinyl siding installation handled by professionals like Taylor Made Construction‘s experts, expect a fast, efficient process from start to finish. Major construction disruption is reduced to a couple days at most. In no time, you can have fresh, beautiful vinyl siding revitalizing your home’s exterior thanks to speedy and straightforward installation.

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